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So the apple cider vinegar works, everyone. All I did was exactly what everyone on this sit said. I bought some Vaseline, cotton balls, large band aids, apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil. Perfect remedy!

Just first clean your infected area with soap, very well. Then, soak two or three cotton balls in apple cider vinegar and make sure they are applied to the actual warts. In my case, they were on my anal glands so I literally shoved one up there, leaving half of the cotton ball out. Then I slapped a band aid on to hold it in place. It hurts after a couple of hours but leave it in right before you go to bed. About half way through the night, it hurt a lot so I just took everything out and went back to bed. In the morning. I applied the tea tree oil (diluted in water first) in the same fashion and left it in for about two hours. Then, immediately applied more apple cider vinegar and wala! About twenty minutes after that. I simply was able to pull the dead skin off and no more warts! It did hurt, but an overnight fix. So worth it! Apply Vaseline for comfort between applications of the medicine.

Also, I did take about four pills of echinasia and about four garlic supplement pills. I will continue doing so each day to prevent future out breaks.

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ACV really works


I have the same problem, i have these warts slightly in and around my anus, they are in clusters and i have been trying to decide how i want to take care of them. The doctor said i should have them frozen off with liquid nitrogen or use some sort of cream for about 12 weeks. I have really been wondering how well it actually worked, it would be so nice if i didn't have to take 3-4 doctors trips to get all these things removed. I also thought about soaking a tampon and shoving it in there instead of cotton balls haha what do you think? i appreciate your help!!!

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