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Village Totois

I have been suffering from dark under eyes and the cherry on the cake>deepset-sunken-hollow eyes! this makes me look reeeeally old,always bored,depressed and exausted! I am a 23 yrs old lady with dry skin type.
For one week,I used a dab of castor oil twice daily for my EXTREAMLY dark eyelids & under eye circles. However,i starated noticing an increase in black heads & one white head around my tear trough(probably caused by the olive oil i use on the rest of my face) so i discontinued the use of both oils(coz i wasnt sure which one was causing the heads but dark under eyes at this point had actually started showing improvement) and then i switched to using almond oil. Two weeks later and i am almost completly rid of the dark under eye,a visibly HUGE improvement,except for the small stubborn patches next to the nose and my eyes still appear hollow but certainly NOT dark anymore. I have also discontinued my use of make-up(execpt lipstick,cant live without that!), i cleanse my face twice/once daily, i have started drinking alot of water and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, exercises and sleep for about 7-8hrs, lastly,from noon till sunset i would never leave the house without my dark huge sunglasses! Try it and hopefully it works for you and you'll be saying goodbye to the dark nightmares on your face.

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So when are you supposed to apply the almond oil?
Also how long do you leave it on for, i am asian and my skin colour is fair, but have dark circles, i am looking for some thing that works.
please advise.

Village Totois

Neeni> Twice daily, First of all, (dont put too much) i apply just a very little bit of it using a cotton wool in the morning after cleansing my face and leave it on the whole day and after cleansing my face for the night, i dab it again before bed time and keep it on for the whole night and gently wash it off the next morning...
2ndly, just because almond oil worked for me does'nt gurantee that it will automatically work for you too. Different skin(s) may react differently to different people. If you really want this problem solved,you definately should experiment with different remedies, natural oils(almond,castor,olive,coconut..) and others like(teabags,cold spoons,cucumber,yoghurt..) for a few months(weeks if you are lucky) before getting something that works for you. Staying hydrated plus watching what you eat is VERY important.
>unfortunately,until someome invents a universal, quick, cheap AND 100% permanent solution to this problem, dark circles do not disappear overnight!<
I am a native african with dark brown skin tone.


honestly just by drinking a lot of water, washing my face and eating more healthy were all I needed also, a little bit of moisturizer!

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