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I was diagnosed with congruent and articulated papillomatosis last year. The only remedy was to take oral antibiotics-minocin, and shower with Selenium sulfide shampoo/lotion. It took 1 month for the scales to slough off. Now its coming back, so I'm going to start making fruit smoothies and mix in 1tbsp coconut oil which is said to aid in reducing bacteria and fungus in the body. CRP is known to be a combination skin disorder from bacterial and fungal microbes. I am also going to make oregano oil salve for use topically. The oregano oil I use is P73. I'll mix with beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter and apply the salve in the morning after a shower. There has to be an alternative to using harsh chemicals and antibiotics for this condition.

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How did this work for you?


It worked okay the first few months last year, then it stopped. I did also try Beeswax and Borax based lotion which cleared the rash in a few days, but am concerned about prolonged use of Borax on my skin even in small amounts. But Borax is used as an emulsifier in a lotion recipe I got off YouTube, and was surprised when my rash flaked off and didn't come back until fall last year. Worth a try.


Can you give this beeswax and borax recipe?


I have recently found that Caffeine helps clear it. I was officially diagnosed about 5 yrs ago but have been dealing with this for maybe 20yrs now. I have always been overweight compared to what the Dr says I should be. However after a 50lb weight gain 10yrs ago brought on by depo birth control shot, CARP has been relentless and I have not had a completely clear spell since, except after taking azithromycin 5yrs ago to have clear skin for my wedding. My case is complicated by PCOS & insulin resistance, as both hormonal issues and sugar seem to instigate the condition. Over the years I have notices that the rash responds to the fluctuations in my weight as well as my menstrual cylce (PCOS symptoms). The rash does seem to alleviate some with the reduction of weight (however PCOS makes weight loss almost impossible). I have also noticed that diet changes help too. Most recently I have been regularly consuming coffee (usually a 20oz from gas station consisting of 2/3 black coffee and 1/3 cappuccino 3-5 days week) and noticed an immediate noticeable improvement in the most problem area on my lower back. I have also seen on other boards that reduction of dairy helps as well.

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