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Well I have suffered on and off with Hemorrhoids and fissures for the past 10 years. Just a few days ago another hemmie hit me hard. I was afraid to go down there with the garlic but I did concoct some pretty awesome stuff that has me feeling 80% better. So if you are like me and are afraid of the pain garlic can cause just follow these steps:
1 add 1/2 tsp preparation H to 1/2 tsp of witch hazel, add 1 drop Oregano oil to 1 tbsp castor oil. Add one 1/2 tsp of the castor oil/oreganol blend to the p-h/witch hazel blend and mix well till all the p-h lumps are gone. Dip a cotton round or cotton ball in the mixture and saturate it and put it between your cheeks. Next sit on a heating pad or place a hot water bottle down there until the ache goes away. This shrank the hemorrhoid in about 24 hours. Make sure to keep the extra in a tin or a small container for application throughout the day. Do not double dip. If you do not have oregano oil, you can buy a small vial for $15 at the vitamin or health food store. Not sure if this is effective without it. I have it on hand, and I know it pentitrates the skin pretty quickly and has a slight exothermic reaction, much like the garlic, but not nearly as potent since it's diluted. The castor oil helps lubricate and slow down the absorption. It also is used for arthritis, so I'm sure it's great for inflammation. The witch hazel and p-h were used because they work pretty good to cool and sooth pain. I'd say they just needed the extra boost to take care of business. Most of my pain was from inflammation. The type of p-h I used is the Maximum strength pain relief. The witch hazel I got from the drug store any brand will work. The castor oil brand I use is Home Health which I also use for my hair, and joint pain. It is cold pressed cold processed. Last is the oreganol - p73. It's a bit pricey, but it has multiple uses. If you try this I hope it works for you. I'm still nursing my little problem, but they are actively shrinking and I know it will only get better with time and care.

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