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After getting a painful boil on my butt that feels like its been burning for a few days the following is what I would do after knowing what I know now...

You need the following from the grocery store(because its cheaper than a pharmacy)

1) non stick pads maybe 4x4
2) medical tape to tape pads to your skin
3)antibiotic cream

from the pharmacy
1) drawing salve..if you go to Walgreens they have one called 'prids drawing salve', if you go to CVS get 'CVS Drawing Salve Ichthammol Ointment'

Apply the drawing salve on the boil, this will help it bring it to a head and will help it also erupt/drain faster. It will also ease the pain.

Then apply the salve on the non stick pad(bandage) and tape it over the boil

It will take a few days maybe to draw the boil out and keep changing and repeating the salve a few times a day.

Look up the amazon reviews on these products they are mostly positive.

Do not attempt to squeeze out the boil. If you really want to try to get the boil out which I did too, is

to get a glass clean coke bottle (with the long neck)

fill it about 1/3rd of the way with hot almost boiling water (I used boiling water),

put the tip of the bottle to the boil so that the head of the boil is in the center. Hold up the bottle with slight pressure so no air escapes and as the water cools down it will draw out the gunk from inside the boil and into the bottle. Keep it on it for a few minutes maybe 3-5 minutes and after that replace the water with more hot water and repeat again. Each time I did this it pulled out gunk along with small white particles of puss and also black/dark red particles

At one point while doing this I noticed the white gunk that was coming out was moving so slow and hardly coming out anymore so with tweezers my wife grabbed the little tip that was peeking out and pulled it out, and it was about a 1 inch long piece of almost solid puss that came out!

You can youtube 'glass bottle boil' or something similar to see it done.

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Krisha Norris

i had a boil bump type thing right in my armpit i tried this and i couldnt believe how PAINLESS and quick it sucked out all the stuff oh my god you dont know how much better i feel

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