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Right after New Year's I developed what I thought was a cold. I'm currently uninsured so I tried many remedies before going to the doctor, which in the end turned out to be a waste of my money. So I thought I'd share my experience since, as it turns out, I never needed antibiotics and could have managed with home remedies and other OTC aids.

I had high fever, terrible chills and headache for about 5 days. At this point there was no sign of a sore throat or sneezing or coughing. Around day 6, the fever and chills subsided and although my temperature was still about 101, I didn't feel nearly as dying as I'd felt the entire week. But a dry non-productive not-itchy cough started to develop and after a couple days, I started to produce a bit of phlegm coming from my chest. Whatever little I could manage to produce was green and I immediately thought bacteria infection. I vomited a couple of times from the cough and feeling that something in my chest needed to come out. Still I held off on going to the doctor.

At this point I was following various recipes I found here and had made up my own potion consisting of: boiling a cup or so of water with a few whole peppercorns, cinnamon, cloves, smashed fresh ginger, cayenne pepper and turmeric and then combining that 'tea' with lots of honey and lemon. This helped to soothe my throat temporarily.

But then it became painful to breathe, especially when lying down for bed at night. My 'tea' didn't help except, as I said, for soothing my throat for a while, but the discomfort was in my lungs. So I headed to an urgent care clinic and saw a doctor, who said I had bronchitis and it was turning bacterial and prescribed a 5-day dose of antibiotics and a cough syrup, along with a recommendation to buy OTC probiotics because I was also constipated and producing very smelly gases since the fever began. I followed the treatment and began to feel better, although the antibiotics killed my stomach, leaving me feeling nauseous the entire day and I also vomited a little.

After I finished the dosis of antibiotics, I felt well for about a week, except for the leftover dry cough, but I could breathe easily. Then it started to come back, but in the form of a sore throat. I started to sneeze a lot and had the worst itchy throat. Still, the cough was not productive. No fever and no chest pain. But since I'm job hunting and expecting interviews in the coming weeks, I couldn't afford to take to bed again if this infection came back. So last night I headed to the CVS Minute Clinic this time and the super nice female doctor who saw me chatted with me about my symptoms and told me that most often, bronchitis is not due to bacterial infection. Some online sources say as much, but others that I had come across in my research said that bronchitis can turn bacterial, as the first doctor I saw told me. This second doctor said most research shows it is not so. She told me if she examined me she would most likely find that the discomfort of my throat was due to allergies, which I have regular issues with. I've had really bad sinusitis infections in the past and take Allegra every few days for my sinus problems (sneezing and runny nose). I told her I don't usually have allergies in my throat, but she said it is likely due to irritation from having coughed for so long and also drainage in the back of my throat. She didn't examine me and I paid nothing, but she did recommend a few things to do, which have helped tremendously with my itchy throat:

Take 1 Allegra or Zyrtic once a day (she said no Allegra-D, just plain Allegra)

Take 1 Singulair if available

Take 2 Advils every 6 hours for 2 days

Use a saline only nasal spray at least 4 times each day, I bought the CVS brand

She said the itchy throat is due to inflammation and the reason I felt better when I saw the first doctor and got antibiotics was because the antibiotics contain an anti-inflammatory, and that's what bronchitis is -- inflammation of the bronchial tubes. So the Advil should help with anti-inflammation and ease the cough. And it has helped. I couldn't sleep the past couple of nights because of the terrible itchiness in my throat and after taking the Advil/Allegra and doing the nasal saline spray, I feel better.

I know this is not entirely home remedies only, but if anyone out there is looking for home remedies because of lack of health insurance and high medical costs (as I was), maybe this will help.

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Jon B

Hey man, I just found your post by the grace of god. I literally just went through the same exact thing with my minute clinic. They said it was pneumonia, then bronchitis, they had me on two different antibiotics, it was scary, as a smoker I thought I caught something at the age of 20. I found out on my own it was sinuses, but my airways have been inflamed just like you described, and I haven't gotten a full 8 hours sleep in three weeks. Thanks to you, and what looks like an obvious cure to it, I can sleep normally

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