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Hello everyone, I got a bad case of RINGWORMS on my hands, arms, and legs. This happened to me because I neglected another fungal athlete's foot. Long story short - Running late to work so put on socks with still moist feet and it resulted in the athletes foot. I got careless while examining it, ripping off nails and dead skin and then that resulted in ringworms all over.

Instinctively I tried using garlic because I had thought they were warts and apparently they're used for those as well...but then i deduced the possibilities and found out they were ring worm.

So I tried the Garlic with decent results, but then it spread everywhere. So finally, I tried ABSORBING JR and it they're about gone. This is my 3rd full day using it and they're tiny now, mosquito bite size. Also...I sprayed my shoes with apple cider vinegar and lysoled the whole place including washing everything twice and then some.

Almost Ringworm free and will update later.

Thank God for Absorbing Jr(Like Vicks Vapor Rub), which contains wormwood, which fight fungus.

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What do you mean by Absorbing JR? I'm in the UK so would have to use Vicks Vapour Rub. Do you simply mean apply it to the affected areas?
Many thanks.


Absorbine Jr. (OTC muscle rub) always worked for me. One of the ingredients Wormwood fights it. Wormwoodis anti fungal. I swab in on the ringworm patches twice a day. Really releaves the intense itching too.

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