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Tamura J . From Birmingham

America I have been in pain for about 3 days do to I have an abscessed tooth I mean hurting, no sleep, and I can bearly eat i dunn drop 10lbs I know but here's the best home remedy I have ever had and it came from this web site a teabag I didnt have no green, black or any other tea bags just my regular lipton tea bags I use to make my tea and it works thanks for the help GOD BLESS who ever cameup with that remedy pain has reduced 90%......

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What did you do with the tea bag? did you just hold it up against your sore spot?


Just so you know - Lipton tea IS black tea - it might not be listed as organic or anything but it's still black tea. So you have black tea even when you thought you didn't :)


I was told about this remedy the other day at work. Just soak the tea bag and hold it between teeth and gums. Going to have to try this. Maybe it will help till I can get into the dentist. Have an appointment the 25th.


Did this with a rolled up green tea bag soaked in hot salt water then squeezed, rolled up, salted again then tucked in between my lip and gum overnight. Woke up hours later to a ripping sensation and when I removed the bag, I saw a lot of drainage. Ah, relief!!

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