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Becca Rose

If you feel yourself getting depressed, do a chore like taking out the garbage or washing the outside windows. Getting active, being outside, and doing something productive all help, even if at first you really don't want to even move.

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I tend to get depressed a little more often than the normal person. I saw a Dr. and he prescribed an anti-depressant. It actually made me suicidal. I have not since taken any pills. Get up.. get moving.. get going. Keep going and before you know it.. you'll start feeling better. A little gardening does wonders.


This is great advice for those that can get up, severe depression is often different though you maight be lucky to maintain a small level of cleanliness let alone clean your home! If you are severely depressed get help!! Work closely with a dr who cares! I have tried many antideepressants over the years for severe depression, you are right, many are nasty meds I too have been made suicidal by some of them but if you find the right one you it could save your life!! Educate yourself!! Exercise or activity is best! But if you can't help yourself, recognize it accept it and get help. Then get moving, when you feel better!! You will feel better, have faith, you are worthy of feeling better!!


I had a close friend commit suicide 5 years ago!! If you can't do it alone it is OK, promise yourself you will keep trying to find the right help for you, everyone is different, you are unique as GOD made you, depression is another trial, I have experienced many bouts, but when they are over, life is beatiful!! Your life can be too, please try to feel better and accept help, it is out there for you too!!

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