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Tattum Olson

I would just like to let every one know there is no quick cure. you will suffer 5-30 days depending on how serious of a case you have. However i would like to offer you some comfort advice.baking soda and vinger past stops the oozing.I am a long time sufferer poison oak,infact its the only thing i am dreadful of. here is my method;

1. Use Dawn original soap cleanse clothes,blankets, and any thing you may have come in contact with the day you presume you where exposed.

2.use cotton balls soaked in rubbing alcohol to first dissolve the contaminates on you skin.

3.take a hot shower or bath.

4. air dry or use a hair dryer to get dried off.

5. make thick paste from baking soda and vineger. (let it bubble down then stir in to paste)

6.using a soft brissled paint brush paint the paste over infected areas.NOTE(put it on the areas that you assume may be irritated as well. not wash the paste off let it harden and dry .

8.if oozing does continue just paint layers until oozing stops.

your welcome,
T8m olson

P.S.i am not bullshitting you. this has spared so much suffering when i have been exposed to poison oak ,ivy, its all the same chemical that causes the skin to over react.
Happy trails

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