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AD Nguyen


I had acne for years since I was 14.
It was worse when I had to work in the chemical industry. The substance often vaporized, and I could feel my face turning red right away after exposing to those chemical. It itched badly making me just want to scratch it like crazy.
I used so many acne treatment products out there. Some prescribed very expensive even with insurance. They often dried my face , peeled the affected area into many layers and still heavy oil on the rest of the face ,and of course acne breaking out even more.Scars were over the places with pus and redness around them.

My friends and family saw my face and felt really bad for me. I gave up myself too after more than 10 years trying many things and did not work.

In winter last year, I decided to quit chemical treatment and any other treatments.

Everyday I just washed my face with warm water more often and used cotton pads, gauges, or wipes to dry my face after that. I always carried those pads with me. I did wash my face whenever I could remember even when I went to a restaurant or a shopping center and did not put anything else on after that.

At night, I went to sleep early and pray so I could stop thinking embarrassing about my face.

When I worked with chemical or in dusty places, I used mask all day long except lunch break.

Amazingly,after less than 2 months, I felt much better and my face started to heal.
There was No itching after 3 weeks. Redness was gone after that. I can feel my face balance well. It just got brighter and fresher.

Everyone was very happy for me as they see my happy, healthy skin again.
They asked me what I have done. I told them my simple remedy. Many didn't believe though.
My remedy seems like nothing but that is the cheapest and the most successful thing I have ever done in my life.
I hope it will do the same for you
God bless everyone who read this post.

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That's awesome im glad you found your result Your prayers have been answered.. u use all natural Goat's soap! (its a brown bar) it's found at the nutrition stores! Or I buy mine at the bulk barn believe it or not! It works amazing. I wash with warm water then rince with cold. Warm water opens the pores and cold closes the pores. Also try home remedies you can find them online!! Never rub your skin dry with a towel it stretches the skin which will cause loos skin in the long run.. only pat dry your face with a paper towel.. or just let it air dry. Hope this helps everyone. :))

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