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I sympathise fully with anyone reading this and experiencing this pain.

I am just out the other side so want to share what helped for me.

I had bad tooth pain for a week before it became unbearable. In this week things that helped were:
*COLD WATER held on the tooth - this was my Godsend even when the pain got beyond any level I thought possible
*Vodka (or any spirit) held in the mouth
*Teething gel
*A cold can of juice out the fridge held on the cheek
*Paracetamol & ibuprofen
*Brushing with sendodyne toothpase
*Corsodyl mouthwash
*Cloves (whole,powdered,oil whatever!)
*Cold teabags held on the area
*Crystals (a bit out there but worked for me)

On Friday my pain was so bad I had to get an emergency dental appointment. X-rays showed no obvious problem so I was put on Amoxicillin to try and localise any infection. The dentist was very sympathetic and gave me some numbing jags. WOW! A few hours relief.

Basically over the weekend I had a trip to hospital, a couple to emergency dentists and even solpadol and tramadol were not even touching the pain. I am a proud 28 year old but was screaming and crying on the floor in pain in front of my whole family. Very embarrassing.

Yesterday I had an appointment with my own dentist. The antibiotics had worked and one tooth was singled out. I had the option of root treatment but the tooth had a deep filling and by this point I just needed an end. My other option was an extraction which I was more than happy with.

So here I am more than a week after the first pangs looking like buzz lightyear. My face has broken out probably with the stress of the whole thing never mind lack of sleep and nutrition and I have lost an adult molar.

I care not a jot. Honest. If you are having this pain you cannot wait. I would have sold my soul to have the pain stop.

Kudos to anyone that is able to deal with this kind of pain longterm.

Sending you love and hoping you find a solution until a root treatment or extraction is available to you.

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Hi all, I‘ve tried everything under the sun & this pain is so bad it down into my jaw. I‘ve had this going on since Fri. of last wk. No relief in sight yet.
I‘m so tired of this pain & not being able to sleep really sucks! I haven‘t found any absesses as of yet.
So any suggestions, please I am in desperate needed help!!
Thank you.
You can send me a message on


Unfortunately, I am dealing with the samw pain you just got away from, I think id rather give birth 10x rather than deal with this pain. Grrr, but thanks for your kind and helpful thoughts. :)


Im going thorough it now brother. Lymph nodes are swollen. Hurts like hell. Glad to hear you are feeling better.

bread poltice

I am so glad to here I am not on my own as this type of pain is a lonely one.
i am also glad to here you have come out of this the other side. I have my dentist app for treatment this Friday. I have waited that long the infection appears to have returned ( after a course of antibiotics ) I am now taking someone elses prescription in the hope come friday the infectio will have gone and my tooth is either filled or removed.
To all you toothache sufferers out there, I feel your pain XXXX

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