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Ladies Salt worked for me. I was having the worst YI I ever had. Ran a warm salt water bath with table salt sat there for about 15 minutes cleaning the inside of my kitty out. After I put a little salt on my finger and yes IT BURNS only for a short time but two hours later still no side effects of the YI.. YAY... If you have a high pain tolerance you can handle the salt. I cant compare it to childbirth as I am not a mother. Good luck ladies hope it works..

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Ok im a little poor right now no funds but had thid bad yeast infection. I tried this and im feelinh real groovy. The itch is gone and the odor is gone. Putting the salt in my vagina did sting for a loytlr bit but it was worth it. Thank you


How many times do you have to do this to be fully cured?

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