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Thank God for salt and warm water. After reading about many remedies, I swished with mouthwash and peroxide, but it didn't help. Heavily salted warm water, swished 3 or 4 times for about 30 seconds each, and oh glorious relief! Good luck. Tooth pain is the worst!

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i just did that and it worked... oh my saver... so much pain tried everything from orajel to aleive and nothing helped...


Thank you so very much!!! I've been using Orajel, EasyGel (from the dentist), taking Norco and ibuprofen... I still have another hour before I can take more pills and you just saved me. Thank you!!!!


OMG...thank u sooo much I have two teeth that have been killing me for the last cpl days and nothin was seem in to work and so I wrnt on this page and saw ur remedie and viola! U just saved me very much appreciative! =D


Amazing instant relief from extremely unbearable pain, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


A while ago I was crying because of the excruciating pain I was feeling. Thank God for these saltwater!!!! And thanks to youuuuu
. Instant relief.... I'm so happpppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've kept a glass of salywater at bedsidr just in casr the pain goes back :)


Instant relief!! Thanks!


Made mine worse no thanks


This really works ...Thank you so much!!!!!! Finally got some sleep


Just tried it and so far it seems to be working! Not completely pain free but it dulled it down a lot. Ice pack, Anbesol and painkillers did not help.

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