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Do not over wash the skin, which will dry and aggravate it.

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yeah....don't wash your face...just let it get really oily...let the sweat and dirt build up...this is good for your skin...thanks for the advice...dumbass...


Excessive washing on your face will inturn create more oils on your skin. This person isn't being a dumbass. I used to wash my face everyday, it was oily and i had acne. Now my face is not as oily or have as much acne (i have practically no pimples on my face) When in the shower, let real hot water wash on your face for a few minutes. Thats it, eventually it will start to dry your face out, taking away oils and eventually pimples. It works great. Trust me. My boyfriend gave me the idea and now neither of us have pimples.


Well, lets see. I'de say a majority of people with acne wear makeup,...and that MUST be washed off with a cleanser daily. You COULD say dont wear makeup...but in most cases its simply not an option...and im speaking for a lot of people when i say that.


Not wearing makeup is an option. No matter what anybody says, it's an option. People just need to be ready and willing to want to change enough to make that choice.


Make-up is a major pore-clogger. But it covers the breakouts..

If you want to stop the catch-22, suck it up and deal with no make-up for a month. At all. You'd be amazed at what you see.

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