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Concerned for ALL women

Firstly ladies, I feel your pain. (Or rather have FELT it.) Question: what are all of you using for menstruation products??? I suffered for nearly 20 years (started menses at age 9) with regular bouts of yeast infections coupled later in my tampon years with bv. I had always used a combo of disposable pads/pantiliners and tampons. I would end up with one infection or the other after nearly every damn period! No one could tell me why. Then I did some online research and was completely disgusted to learn that our disposable pads and tampons ARE NOT STERILE. I just about died when I learned this. What I also learned is that it is absolutely not normal to wrap your vajayjay in plastic wrap for a week, so what makes disposable pads better? (Nothing. In fact they're worse than that.) The lack of breathability coupled with all of the 'who knows what?' chemicals they put in there and don't have to tell us about make our nether parts very vulnerable to becoming a yeast-producing machine! As for tampons...they're internal in a place that is very absorbent and sensitive. The cotton is not organic (pesticides), they are treated with chlorine bleach that when combined with the other chemicals create a chemical reaction that makes dioxins (known carcinogens). They are also laden with rayon (plastic) that helps bacteria flourish in there and scratches your insides and little pieces can become embedded in your vaginal walls! Do the research, I'm not kidding. Go google moldy tampon and see what comes up. Read THAT horrifying story. Then get yourself some natural products (reusable if you can). Before you go getting all grossed out, fyi your period does not stink, your pads and tampons do! (I also had no idea 'til I started using them myself!) I love using my sea sponge for a tampon because I can treat it with vadge-friendly things like ACV and tea tree. If you're still not convinced after doing your research, by all means, continue to use your commercial disposables (to which in your lifetime each woman will contribute approximately 16,800 used pads and tampons to our landfills) and get yourself some stock in Prevagyne (internal vitamin C tablet for vagina) because you're gonna need it, I'm sorry to say.
I know I come off a little harsh on this one but I don't have time to sugarcoat things. I respect people who tell me the way it is, whether I like it or not.
Btw...I haven't had an infection of any kind in almost a year...which is a huge deal for me. I also love that I can go into a public washroom stall and there is no tell-tale rustling plastic being heard, just a snap button. And that's me snapping the wings together on my reusable pad!

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