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Hot baths always are a sense of relief (if only temporary) from the horrible itchyness and pain, especially when the sores open up. Sometimes ill get the water so hot, I have to place my feet up on the ledge in kind of an akward curled up position so that only my vagina and butt are in the water. Ive had hsv 2 for 5 years. I am currently experiencing a particularly serious OB and have bought tee tree oil, l lyseine tablets and regular otc cold sore treatment. Vagasil and other itch relief/ numbing ointmenta in the past has helped, but not once the blisters are opened because it stings. Ive read on here to do rubbing alcohol and I thinm youvevgot to have a serious pain tolerance to do that, i tried baking soda once and was screaming and crying in pain from it getting in the sores. I havent tried it but hydrogen peroxide I bet would be a LITTLE better.

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I have had herpes for 40 years use witchazel to soothe soreness and itching nyal cold sore cream camphor/menthol soothes and heals followed by aclovir cream to minimise duration of attacks this method is effective cheap soothing no excruciation and you can live with gh quite comfortably


Thank you. Does the witchhazel sting at all if the sores are already opened?


Witchazel can be used on open blisters it does not sting and the nyal cold sore cream camphor/menthol is soothing cooling and heals the blisters


I have been diagnosed with Herpes-1 in the genital area. I do understand that this means way less frequent and serious outbreaks BUT the primary outbreak was quite hard to deal with. I have hard tolerance to pain so on top of Acyclovir and taking warm baths, I did use alcohol wipes DIRECTLY on the sore and let it burn for 5 seconds. I am not going to sugarcoat things, It does hurt. However,within two days, the itch was gone and the sores were dry.


I cant handle alcohol either it is excruciating witchazel is a lot milder witchazel


So my first blister started last year 2013 maybe in June or July it never really bothered me until one day all I felt was a lot of pressure like my skin was going to just pop I know disgusting tell me about it! I am still not coping with this at all don't know if I ever will. But either way I've read and googled my life away and I used witch hazel witch helped it's kept the swelling down I used orajel lol yup it worked! I finally got a script for acyclovir and I could do it I let made me sick and I felt so weird I won't ever recommend that to anyone to take for ten days. I than got the acyclovir cream I guess it works not too sure my blister has since opened in January and I'm in horrible pain it feels dry I've got a bandaid on it because I was told by the PA that when open it's more likely to spread so I got small band aids and cover that sucker up. I don't know what else to do. I'm waiting until march cause I will have health insurance by than. I'm so ashamed and feel so nasty I'm 28 and and I have my partner and I feel bad for her having to deal with it too I mean she doesn't have to but she does and god knows I love her so much more for that I'm not in this situation because I want to be not that anyone here does or ever did but but I was given this by someone else it's sad that people just spead their nastiness with no thought to others opinions or feelings or obviously health!

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