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Sounds odd, but try taking a little cotten ( as much as need to pack the cavity comfortably, but not with too much pressure, then hold it with tweezers, and cover it in orajel. the using the tweezers, pack the cotton into the cavity. my dentists wife passed away, and i have been waiting for 6 months to get into a dentist(scince she fell ill) and nothing helped, tylenol3, vicoden, nothing. but one night i tried this, and was SOOOOOOOOOOO relieved

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Ive done this and it has helped a lot. I have to change out the cotton fairly regularly because it gets awful and has a nasty taste. A lil while after taking it out, it hurts again, but I put fresh cotton in and it helps. Lately at night though, nothing seems to work and it just throbbs.

king coke

it works just the same with coke.


Do u mean cocaine?


Do u mean cocaine? How long does it last?


yes they mean coke but the whole getting addicted thing is much too risky just try the original method or a tea


Visit a different dentists?
It's great to be a loyal customer and all, b ut I cant imagine you dentist wants you to wait in pain six months while his personal loss plays out.

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