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Wow after being prescribed so many different medications who knew something in your bathroom closet would be the remedy?! So far the peroxide wash has been working for me no odor past couple days I'm going to continue for for a week and gonna eat some raw garlic to build up a good PH I feel so relieved!!! :)

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You are the 3rd source I found regarding hydrogen peroxide vaginal rinse. I'm nursing and was told the vaginal medicine prescribed will pass through my breast milk. So questions, does it matter if the peroxide is expired? Did you/Do you mix it with water (other two sources said to because it could burn), did you do it at any particular time of day/night, how long did you do it 5/7 days and how much did you use 5ml etc...


If you are nursing I wouldn't recommend the rinse I've done it for a week using a syringe half peroxide half water for the first two days then just peroxide last couple days it didn't burn & no the peroxide wasn't old lol; not doing the rinse any more but I am still eating raw garlic and I'm still BV free! I would recommend you to take acidophilus pills you can take it by mouth or stick one up there or you can try tea tree oil; I haven't tried tea tree oil but I've heard great reviews about it and apparently works just as good as peroxide, good luck :)


Forgot to mention I brought up acidophilus because I am taking them now also as I really don't get enough dairy which is important in fighting BV and I really couldn't find the right yogurt so you can either eat yogurt twice a day or the acidophilus is a great alternative


I tried the douch this morning, and didnt see any discharge all today, but this evening I've got the same discharge again, not as much tho. Just wondering if you had the same results? Or did the douch work the first day for you? I'm going to try it again tomorrow and keep doing so for the next week.


Nope no discharge the next day for me as I was recurrent and on top of it, if you are indeed going to do the hydrogen peroxide was you have to make sure you stick to it just because you get rid of it one day doesn't mean anything make sure you are recurrent for at minimum a week. You should also take an alternative like acidophilus


Well it was only my first time doing the peroxide, this is the second day for me now. After I use it,I take an acidophilus vaginally as I read on previous posts. Hopefully in a week ill be bv free!!. Thanks for responding :)


Okay good luck! Post an update :)


Where do you get the peroxide wash??

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