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I've been dealing with HPV warts for over 2 years. For those 2 years I only had 1 and I would cut it off every time it got big. I went to the Dr.and he didn't even diagnose me with anything. He just froze it and freezing it didn't even eliminate it. So until recently I found 2 new bumps around the first one and then I got really scared,depressed and sad. I felt like I had no hope. So I started searching on the internet and there are things you can purchase online that tells you of home remedies. I thought it was stupid to buy something to have someone tell me to go buy the product in the store. So I found this site and read about ACV. It stood out the most from what everyone was talking about on here. I decided to try it. I would soak a cotton ball twice a day for 2 hrs or even 20 min if I was short on time and tape it to the infected are. After the first night they turned really white. I was happy cuz that's what everyone was saying. After two applications thr warts turned black or had black dots. The more I did it the black dots looked like they were breaking the surface of my skin. 2 days later they turned really white but it was a different white. The warts and the area around the wart was white. It looked like it was finally dying off. I woke up this morning and saw a bunch of dead skin and the warts are practically gone.maybe just 2 more days and it'll be perfect. So far this is the best thing I have ever done. Seriously a savior. It works tremendously if u can take the burn. ACV is not BS. It's the real deal.

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So how long did this take for them to go all the way away?? I only have 1 but it's big and I have a lot of apple cider vinegar


Wats acv, I've got lots of pimple-like warts on my upper lips area, n now even starting under my eyes


Where did u have the warts if u don't mind me asking....


AVC does burn like hell. To calm it down from burning here is what i did. Smashed 6 ibuprofen (store bought) put it in a bowl, pour some liquid vitamin e then put some avc in it. Some people do it till it gets pasty but i kept it liquid and dip my cotton ball in it and then applied it. it burned for 1 min and now i dont feel a thing. so try that out if you cant hanle the burning (nobody can)


Not going to say more about hpv because i know how horrible it is so i'm going to give you another solution: the Cure HPv Method from this website Hope it helps.

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