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Reyna S.


(25 billion) by Renew life

I really recommend to ANYONE that has been suffering from BV or any other related issues, to TRY THIS!

It was the ONLY thing that worked and it has actually kept that TERRIBLE problem AWAY for good :)

I had recurring BV for almost a year. I was told I was allergic to scented products (I'm 24 yrs old and have NEVER been allergic to anything. EVER) After 4+ doctor visits (to different doctors) they didn't care to look into it. They just kept re-testing me for STD's and UTI's every time and they would keep giving me the SAME antibiotics that didn't work!

I had no choice but to take matters into my own hands. It took me some time to research and I tried several different products even the ones that are in the women's care isle such as RePHresh and Pro-B probiotics. NOTHING WORKED! I even stopped using ALL kinds of scented products. It just kept coming back after a couple weeks if that. It was the most embarrassing thing, I didn't even think I would ever have sex again bc I was so ashamed :'(

The ONLY thing that worked is the ULTIMATE FLORA (WOMEN'S CARE). It comes in a yellow and pink box, near the probiotic & fiber products. You can find it at your closest Walgreens or Walmart.

I'm guessing that products like these are pretty new to the public bc I just recently started seeing them pop up on the shelves. TRUST me I live at Walgreens lol...

STOP GOING BACK TO THE DOCTOR for this problem because the more antibiotics you take, the worse things will get. Eventually those antibiotics won't work for anything not even temporarily.

As long as you got checked already so that you know for sure that you are free of any STD's and you have been diagnosed with BV or any of the regular women's issues, I encourage you to try this instead of going back to the doctor and paying them to lower your immune system.

Hope this helps you guys! :)

I know I wished someone would have saved me all that wasted time, money and dignity!

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Ive been having recurring bv for a while as well.I also have the ultimate flora probiotic and I recently inserted one into my vagina and noticed more discharge right afterwards.Are u taking it by mouth or inserting in vagina and how long did u take it before your symptoms went away?


I have the same question. Did you take it orally?

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