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I'm a 6'2, 300LB man and I was in tears from the pain for 2 days, didn't sleep a wink. I tried all of these suggestions, sensodyne, salt walter, cloves, tea bags, clothes, and nothing worked. I finally grabbed a shot of whisky and swished it around in my mouth for a minute and the pain was instantly gone, I slept like a baby, I'm typing this the next morning and the pain is starting to come back a little bit but it's only a minor throb.

TL;DR: Whisky or another hard liquor is the solution.

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Just gargled gin. Pain reduced significantly!


I have a filling that's coming apart, leaving the nerve exposed. The pain has been EXCRUCIATING for three days now. I've done cloves, garlic, salt water (which actually made it worse) and everything else people cite as home remedies, but I hadn't tried alcohol. All I have around the house is strawberry vodka, which I didn't think would work because of the flavoring. Still, in my desperation, I swished around a shot of that and the pain VANISHED. Completely. In fact, the pain died off as I was swishing it around, took about ten seconds tops.

I'm sure it's not a permanent fix (I'll report back tomorrow), but as far as immediacy goes, liquor really does the trick!


So it's the next morning and the pain did come back a bit. Not nearly as horrible as it had been before the vodka, but still throbbing enough to be a nuisance. Googled some acupressure techniques I could use for a toothache, and those really knocked out the pain and now I feel I'm ready to head to work.

Alcohol is still a winner, though, because again, the pain is nothing in comparison to the way it was previously.


It works !!! Thanks

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