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I'm a 6'2, 300LB man and I was in tears from the pain for 2 days, didn't sleep a wink. I tried all of these suggestions, sensodyne, salt walter, cloves, tea bags, clothes, and nothing worked. I finally grabbed a shot of whisky and swished it around in my mouth for a minute and the pain was instantly gone, I slept like a baby, I'm typing this the next morning and the pain is starting to come back a little bit but it's only a minor throb.

TL;DR: Whisky or another hard liquor is the solution.

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Tried your advice about the whiskey and yes it does work. Much better than the over the counter oral medicines available. Thanks for the advice.


ya my step dad mentioned about whiskey,,, just tried it now, and thanks, for the advice worked well, its not hitting 4,30am and now able to sleep thanks,


Thanks I tried tequila , and worked great slept like baby

Beautiful Stranger

It absolutely was a true pain reliever. Not only did It work great, it worked instantly! I was suffering from a terrible throbbing toothache that caused pain on the entire right side of my face. I tried your advice about the whiskey (I only had Crown Royal); a 2 hour horrendous toothache vanished in about 5.2 seconds. Thanks dearly!


Excellent advice worked instantly and pain was reduced to 0 on a pain chart


Just tried Jack Daniels .... It worked instantly. Thx


Thanks I didn't think I wAs going to make it throu the wAs all I had and it worked great!!


Thanks! Jim Beam worked great. Maybe I can get some sleep now.


Didnt work for me but at the time i think it was an abcess. The best thing ive used and am using now is ibuprofen and codeine/paracetamol works great for a few hours oragel works great at first numbs the pain but after using a few times it stops working


I bought Scottish Leader. It has been 3 min after i drank a sip. Cant say i am pain free, but i may take another sip, couse the pain is a bit toned down.

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