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After being on this site for the past few hours, I find a new sense of comfort knowing I am not alone. I have been suffering with hsv2 for almost 6 years now. My ex boyfriend gave it to me through oral sex when I was 16. The first OB was the most excrutiating pain I have ever encountered with upwards or 30+ blisters on every inch of my vagina. I hated him so much for giving it to me, as he continually told me it wasnt his fault and that he didnt give it to me, despite having cold sores all of his life. I was young and didnt know they could be contracted that way. Since then I have given it to 2 partners. The grief I go through knowing that I have put not just one person, but two people I loved through dealing with the same thing as me for the rest of their lives in unbearable. Despite taking the usual prescriptions, I still had horrible outbreaks. The last two years I had stopped taking the medications because I hadnt had any outbreaks. Two days ago I had an OB again. I didnt even think thats what it was. It started as a cut like blister, and I thought maybe i was too dry down there. I definitely should have known better by now. I have maybe 20 blisters some open some just bumps and have been in horrible pain, and my hip glands are so swollen and sore too. Ive just laying in bed and taking lots of baths. Finally, after reading on this site I went and bought L-lysine tablets, tea tree oil, and a cold sore treatment gel. Oh my god, these are a godsend. Tea tree oil feels like this cooling relief of heaven, no more itch, no more pain. Mixed with the cold sore treatment wow I feel so much better. I just have to say, i cried and cried my eyes out all last night from all of the stories I read. Life can be so messed up sometimes....

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So weird that u mentioned your hips hurting. I have had hsv, also from oral from someone with a cold sore, but have never experienced hip pain until this time. I wad diagnosed about 6 years ago and have had about one breakout a year. This one, surprisingly. Hasn't been that bad. But my right hip has been killing me out of nowhere. I wonder if the two are really linked...


Yes, I read and my dr says because that's where your lymph nodes are and the infections had spread to the lymp nodes causing the pain.


I contracted same way from my husband two years ago. Diet and overall health seem to play a big part for me.... Staying away from peanuts, chocolate, raisins, etc. is really important. I also use lysine, tea tree oil and am experimenting with everything I hear about.

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