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I have been dealing with bv off and on the past year. It started with a new partner. And i finally found a cure after so much research. I've tried all the remedies u can think of and what the doctor perscribed me. But one thing u ladies need to know is, if you are planing to stay with your partner then no matter how you treat your symtoms , ur symtoms will come back.!!!They say that guys cannot give a woman bv , but truly , they can (and other many ways) and thats how i got bv was with my partner. Our ph balances were completely different. And My bf does not like to use condoms, so what i researched for me and him both can be satisfied and cured is to always always keep a non scented pantie liner on ur panties. And take 1 capsule of foltic acid, 1 capsule of vitamin D, and most important -one a day womans -vitamin. I promise you. It will work. Donot what so ever get perfums of any scented chemical close to ur vagina.!!! Wish u the best

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Hi did your bf take anything or just you took the vitamins? I am convinced it is a PH balance issue with my guy to


No he don't take anything. It has to be the ph from the guy because it will go away and I'll wait a week to have intercourse again and it will come right back. So i do believe it is the guys ph.


can you please email me- LCANTON202@GMAIL.COM this just happened to me this sunday on 2/9 after having sex with my husband this never happened to me before i been with him for 4 years and just out of the blue this just happened- just like you said the ph balances are both out of wack- and yes it is true that you can get bv from a guy-im so scared flipped just would like a step by step process of what you did for you and your partner for it to stop- thanks


I really believe that it stems from ph balance of you and your partner too. When I was married to my ex husband, he wasn't circumcised and that exacerbated my issues with past yeast infections. After my divorce, I stopped having issues with yeast infections. Once I started dating my current boyfriend, I started getting BV almost immediately after intercourse with him. I had ONE doctor who actually took the time to explain to me that our PH balance isn't compatible.

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