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Use an ice bag (or an ice cube wrapped in a dishcloth) to cool your eyes. This also works very well for eye pain caused by excessive exposure to sunlight or arc welders.

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Hi Dr. Martin and thank you for your videos I got rellay excited to have possibly found a real solution to my acne! I have been dealing with mild acne on my face and back since I was 13 and it has been couple years that Ive tried many acne products though as you said they only treated the symptoms if I was even lucky (maybe they even got worse because of all the chemicals). So as of now I have so many scars and blemishes left that have made my face even worse. Continued?


Thanks this really work a remedies that actLLY works exellenct x


I have eye pain due to my sinuses and what always helps is just taking an Advil, or whatever works for you, drinking lots of water, than taking a nice long nap. I always wake up feeling so refreshed.

The flash

Another thing that works is a cool wash cloth and putting it over your eyes. Also, don't look st any electronics it makes your eyes strain and they hurt more. I hope this help someone :)

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