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I was diagnosed with genital herpes (herpes simplex 1) a year ago. The first two outbreaks were absolutely horrifying, but after a year I've found what has worked for me. Even during an outbreak I'm now able to function and I'm mostly pain free.
1. I take Valtrex every day; one pill a day. During an outbreak I will take two a day (one in the morning and one at night). The generic drugs did not work for me even though the pharmacy and my doctor claim they should work the same. They didn't for me. So I pay about $200.00 a month for a month's worth of Valtrex. I'm willing to pay for it for my health. Valtrex has significantly reduced the frequency of my outbreaks and their severity.
2. When I get an outbreak I immediately take the antibiotic Ciprofloxacin (500 mg) twice daily for 3 days. Genital sores always become swollen, red, and infected. The antibiotic help disinfect the sores and speed up the healing process. I seriously don't understand why more doctors do not prescribe antibiotics during an outbreak. They usually just tell you to double up on your dose of anti-virals.
3. During an outbreak, rinse your genital area with water (use a bottle of water or a plant watering can) every time after you pee to stay clean. When I'm at home I throw a handful of Epsom salt into my watering can with warm water and pour it over my genital area after peeing. After pouring the Epsom salt water, I'll sit on the toilet for about three minutes and let the Epsom salt work it's magic. Then after three minutes rinse with just water. The Epsom salt helps the sores heal faster and relieves any discomfort.

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Do you take 500 or 1000 twice a day? Right now for a month straight my body is trying to have an outbreak on my face and genitals i have type 1 but a very bad immune system so it creeps into my eyes and ears and gives me headaches but i camt afford to take 1000 twice a day forever! And i cant fid a dr who will take me seriously and tey to help me i feel like something else must be wrong to make me outbreak this long. Ever since i had my third baby shes 15 months now and its sti on goin before her i rarely had an outbreak after i was diagnosed in 2007 i feel like if i run out of these pills or the pharmacy decides to stop refilling because it says i ony need it once a day im going to die of an infection of the brain j am terrified! I had been married to y hubby for three years when i was diagnosed and i know without a doubt he was ny cheating and i was not i got it from a pair of used pants from a thirft store because i was a complete dumb ass for wearig used pants with no underwear an not ven wahong them first! My whole life and my three kids because i am too stupid to think its be nice to talk to someone in same situation or that takes the same amout of meds


I see all these anti-infection medications you're taking, but I don't see anything you're doing to boost your immune system. I had my first outbreak 5 months ago and I've started paying more attention to my diet, exercise, and mental health and I haven't had one since. Try taking Echinacea or lysine to boost immunity. Cipro and valtrex are okay after the fact but you want prophylaxis.


I have had GH for 21 years. Valtrex has always worked for me. Lately I have been having nothign but OBS with the generic Valcyclvoir with the M122 written on the pill. A friend of mine told me to go back to the name brand. I am waiting for my supply in the mail and have my fingers crossed. I am afraid I have become resistent to the antivirals, but am hoping thats not the case.

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