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I was looking on this cite to see if there was anything else I could do to hasten the healing of the three boils/abscesses that thought my abdomen ( resulting from insulin injection site feat hot tub party... FYI not a good combo hot tubs are pretty much staph soup ) and my groin area ( ingrown hair ) a great home. So after 2 rounds of antibiotics and introducing 'lance' to each of them they are finally getting a bit better . Dressing changes every day , yes packing was nessecary . There are 2 kinds of packing that I know of . One is a nasty 1/4 inch wick type from a brown bottle , ouch , especially when the nurse is slowly pulling it out like a damn tape worm . The other is a much friendlier cotton type that magically turns to a gel when saturated with the vile gunk that comes out of such traumatic sores. So.... I've decided to just take a capsule of tumeric suppliment and squeeze it onto a 2x2 gauze and tape it on ... Yes that stuff is pretty messy and powder , paste or whatever form a person uses ... Make sure you protect or don't give a care for whatever it is you are wearing or sitting on , mmmkay. Good . Well ... been about 1/2 hour and I've already achieved boil nervana. Thanks for the advice turmeric tutors , all well n' good. That's a big 'ahhhhh' from this gal . Turmeric gets a greatful 2 yellow thumbs up from me. ;)

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