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This is my 2nd bout of kidney stones in 30 years. I was in so much pain NONE of the Dr. prescribed Narcotic pain killers worked! After 2 days of suffering and wishing I would die at 2:00am my wife read this post. We only had Apple Cider Vinigar in the house so I shot 2oz on the spot and mixed 4oz in 2 liter bottle of water. I drank an 8oz glass once an hour. After an hour the pain was much less... 2 hours I was relaxed enough to cat nap...4 hours I passed 2 stones with ease...The stones looked like mucus... after 6 hours I was peeing NORMAL...PAIN FREE. I am writing this 16 hours latter in perfect condition again. ACV tastes like crap but is my new best friend!!!

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48 hours ago, I was admitted to the ED and diagnosed with kidney stones (my first time). Not only was the pain the worst I have ever experieced, but the N/V (more like retching) has left my abdominal and chest cavity so extremely sore. The pain medications did not work for me so I just had to ride it out. And then the anxiety of waiting for another episode of pain, well, I know you all understand. 36 hours after I was diagnosed, I found this site and ran out to the store and bought olive oil, lemons and apple cider vinegar. I did a shot of vinegar (2 oz) while I created the salad dressing 'shooter' (Juice of 1 lemon, 1 TBSP olive oil, 1 TBSP ACV), I followed the shooter with lots of water with lemon. I have not had any pain since then. I am also urinating better. I drank the 'shooter' again this morning and have been drinking water with lemon as everyone has recommended. I am not sure if it is over (I have not seen a stone) but I feel so much better and swear this is due to the home remedy. Thanks everyone for taking the time to post your experiences.


My doctors never mentioned the word 'stone' but scheduled CT and MRI. Then planned to do a stent, again no mention of anything related to having a blockage. Meanwhile, painful event self diagnosed, stone passed, ridiculous waste of $10,000! Need new doctor, obviously!


I want to thank the poster of this home remedy. I was suffering horribly. I have a history of kidney stones (this was my 5th event). I, usually, have pain, drink some water, take whatever pain reliever, that is handy.... and pass a stone. This wasn't happening this time. My guess was that this was a whopper. I followed the instructions, but added a little more ACV. It took from 9am to 1am to clear the stone(s). It did come out in multiple gel-like globs. I'm still tired and feeling a little rough, but it's over, and I'm thankful for this advice.


I had a stone a while back that was causing me pain. I think I took flomax too but I don't think that helps pain and I don't want to take it now. I drank several glasses of water with acv mixed in and by the end of the day felt better. I never saw a stone but did feel pressure urinating at one point so I think that May have been it. However, I continued to eat horribly and now I have another one. This one they found by accident. I fell and injured my ribs. They found a stone looking for injuries. :(. So I have the injury pain, I had vomiting and a migraine from the tramadol I took. And the thought of adding kidney stone pain is unbearable. So I am drinking my water and apple cider vinegar praying it works. Please let it work. Thank you for your post!! It has given me hope.


All natural organic Apple Cider Vinegar works best. Should be cloudy in color, and it does work!! My husband picked me up a bottle at the Heath food store and the woman told him it was 'a cure all'. My kidney stone pain is 90% better after 48 hours, mixing 1oz with juice 2x a day. I could do more but I am a very small person and didn't want to overdo it. This experience has encouraged me to eat better, and look to natural remedies. Last time this happened I ended up in the hospital for 5 days, and broke.


Totally agree. I tried this too and I'm pain free after9 hours from acv drink. At least try.

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