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Hi all! just started ACV an TTO treatment yesterday, and notice that my black GW are getting white after I applied ACV for about 2h... Since they are black already to start off does that mean that they are on the verge of falling off? because the black ones are about 3mm diameter, and i have other ones that are skin coloured (very small) and those turn white also and almost looks like a zit that you can pop... just trying to understand what it means when they are black ...
Also how long should I expect to be clear of everything if i keep applying 2 x 2h per day ACV with TTO

Thank you all for your help very informative site!

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You should simply try applying the acv at night before bed... Leave it on unless you awaken with pain... Then apply Vaseline... Then alternate with treatments of diluted tea tree oil. Also take cayenne pepper and garlic supplements. Also echinasia for immune system support. I had mine sompletely gone after one overnight treatment and a morning follow up treatment. They were very small though

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