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I have this bad toothache (wisdom tooth) that I just want to cry, but my mom said to put cloves(spice) in your mouth 2 Or 3 depends how much pain you are in. You can chew Or bite down on them. You can crush them up and put them in hot water. You will find relief in a few minutes until you can see a dentist. And it gives you fresh breath!

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What cloves did you use I'm in so much pain with a back tooth and I've tryed every pain killer and carnt get it to go


Just tryed it,.doesn't work at all


I hate you! Your mom is a ass! Made my pain even worse!


DO NOT CHEW ON CLOVES! I took this suggestion to 'chew on cloves' and I broke another tooth! Seriously, if all you have are hard cloves, make a tea out of them. Just boil a tablespoon in water, and gargle it when it is tolerable. (if you're like me, everything has to be 98.6 degrees.)

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