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I had fungus peel back in both my thumb nails for over 30 years - very ugly and sometimes would turn green, yuk! - tried all the expensive chemist products to no avail BUT my nails are finally cured after once a day at bedtime putting equal parts listerine and cider vinegar under the nails with a dropper then rubbing vicks vapor rub into top of nail & covering with a bandaid (you can remove the bandaid in the morning if you want)- it took 5 months of perseverance for the nails to grow out perfectly healthy - it definitely works!

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which kind of listerine they have different bottle colors, any one in particular?


I had fingernail fungus for a few years on 2 fingernails. I took Lamisil and it healed one of them. The other one was worse and the nail became loose. I cut fresh garlic and stuck it under the nail and put on a band-aid to hold it in. I did this for 3 nights while I slept. It killed the fungus and my fingernail grew back out healthy. I tried every other home remedy there was and this is the only one that worked.

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