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I have had vertigo for almost 8 years. Mine is usually attributed to wax build-up or an inner ear infection that I can not feel. I would say if you are stressed or anxious, use a heating pad on the base of your neck. Vertigo is terrible and causes most of us anxiety and fear beyond belief. I actually take clonazepam for the anxiety. I am so sorry you all have to go thru sux! God bless you all.

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I've had vertigo for three years. I went to doctors , got MRI, and water blown in my ear and the doctors not call it. Started supplementing with magnesium and noticed a change in the vertigo. I started taking an iron , b12 and vitamin c. It made things lot better. I used to take nexium and it depletes your minerals. Try not to take antacids but do backing soda. Or l-glutamine. This all could be a mineral deficiency. I used to have major migraines and I found that I was vitamin d deficient. They went away after supplementing. Now I drink plenty of water and it helps. I hope this helps . Oh supplementing with calcium helps too.

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