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I have tried alcohol, netti pots (not in ear but normal use), gargling salt water, special ear ache drops from GNC, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, willow bark extract, chiropractor....nothing works. Pain is so bad I've been to 2 doctors today who've done nothing (say my ear is clean and no infection) and will see a 3rd tomorrow for pain.

Right now I'm using a heat pad then I'm going to use peroxide to clean my ear out followed by pain relieving ear drops.

I work in a call center and the fact that both docs say even with severe pain I shouldn't have trouble at work just irritates me. I'm in so much pain I can't sleep, I'm dizzy, and also nauseous.

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It almost sounds like Meniere's disease. Meniere's disease has to do with increased inner ear pressure, calcium build up in the inner ear anatomy, and can cause symptoms like positional (when you sit up, lay down, or stand up) dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. Have you tried seeing an ears-nose-throat doctor?


I felt exactly like that once. Horrific ear pain but ear looked fine. Turned out I needed to see a dentist. Had a root canal and all was good again.


Allergies...builds up fluid on the eardrum and hurts. Take Claritin D.


I also suffered from an ear ache in 2013 from just before Easter to October. I also was at the doctors. At first was given antibiotics and seemed to help, but then came back. Ended up at specialist where he took wax off of my ear drum, but still no relief. I finally figured out that I was having an allergic reaction to the sanitizer on the equipment used to look into my ear and to clean the wax off. Put prescribed cream Triamconolone Acetonide Cram USP 0.1%) on a q-tip, swabbed it around inside and the pain went away. hope this helps


I had the same problem you are having when I was a child. The ear specialist told me I had the clearest ears he had ever seen and asked when did my ears hurt last? I said right now! At 19 my dentist diagnosed me with TMJ and recommended a mouth splint for when I sleep because I also clenched and would grind my teeth at night. He fitted me with a mouth splint and as long as I wear it while I am sleeping , no more ear aches!! Your splint will require being replaced as they wear out, but I would look in to it. A reasonably easy fix to your problem.

Kathleen P

My doctor says peroxide is very bad for your ear drums, think about it, look what happens when you poor it on a sore, etc. you don't want that in your ear. Alcohol is better, especially if you have water in your ear, it dries it up.


Menieres disease! My very good friend surfers from it. And you've just described it to a T!... hope this helps.


Get tested for TMJ


Do you wear headphones all day as part of your job? That may be related.


Everyone has TMJ it is the joint that makes your jaw drop. Your wisdom teeth might be what was causing the problem though.

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