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I have been cured!!! I am so so excited to let you all know my experience. So because I grew up with parents who don't believe in the doctors I was totally fucked when I got bacterial vaginosis. I didnt tell them because it was too weird.

I got it the summer going into my senior year of highschool and I remember going to Planned Parenthood who gave me medication and told me if my 'problem' came back (they never told me what it was) to come back for more meds.

Too bad I went to Europe for a year.... It never went away. Then I came back to the states and just kinda let it go.

But god, literally ALWAYS had a panty liner or piece of toilet paper to catch my discharge. It was just the WORST!

I went to planned parenthood 2 years later, gave me meds that didnt work. I did yogurt as well as garlic. Nope. Ate the acidophiles pills. Nope.

Not until I read on this website that you PUT IT IN YOUR VAG did it work. HA! The whole year I had those acidophiles pills stored away because I thought were useless, when instead of eating them, I just needed to stick them in the problem.


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Sam what brand pills?????


Lactinex.brand. acidophilus.generic.


I think I've got BV, went to my doc and my Pap smear was fine.. He put me on antibiotics and they didn't do jack! I'm going to give this a try, thanks for the post!


Are u supposed to insert them far in vagina? Because I just put in a capsule by ultimate flora and its not real small so it sticks out a little when I put it in vagina and I cant really put them deep inside.So would that still work?


I doubt it will be very effective if you don't get it in deeper. your vagina has a certain length or depth, and the bv rages in your WHOLE vagina, so just treating the most shallow part of it might give temporary relief but in my opinion definitely will not cure anything. you can buy a product that comes with an applicator and just use that applicator to push your probiotic in deeper. i don't remember which products exactly off the top of my head, but if you're curious i can let you know. you could also use a tampon just to try to push it deeper (but then remove the tampon). in my opinion the deeper it is the more effective it will be


What type of acidophilus capsules do you put. I have robotic acidophilus xtra, the pill looks like a small white tylenol. Is that the right pill?


For how long do you do this?


How many days do I insert them?How many a day..Can I still have sex while using them?

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