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Will Thompson

I have battled RLS for 20 years. Several years ago I had a sleep study and the attendant said I had the worst case he had seen in his 12 years of monitoring studies. I have tried every prescription possible to no avail. Six weeks ago my wife brought home a new nutrition supplement that was supposed to help me lose weight. After 10 days I forgot to drink the shake. That evening I was laying in bed and my wife noticed that I was grinding my left heel into my right calf. She commented that I hadn't been doing that. I drank the shake and in 15 minutes all symptoms had stopped. The product - Thrive by Le-Vel. I can't tell you want is in it that relieves the RLS, but I can tell you I am sleeping and feel better than I have in years. And, I am losing weight too.

If you want more information, feel free to email me at

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Why do why do some post some post and comments and comments display twice display twice??


You are promoting a product that matches your email, so I would assume you are selling it for profit.


Good catch Molly - about how Will is probably selling the supplement that he is giving the testimonial for. Within 15 minutes his symptoms WERE GONE - wow! I've noticed a lot of folks on this site seem to be selling the 'cure' that they are endorsing.


My RLS just started several years ago and I have it so bad. I have it in my legs and arms. Last month I had it every nite for 2 weeks straight and I have had it for 3 days now and it drives me crazy. I have been prescribed Nuerontin but not helping. I need some help but the Drs. don't do anything else. I will try anything now.

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