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Take a slice of peeled potato(about 1 in. thick) and place it over the abcess or boil and secure it there with tape. Leave it on there for a couple hours and it will pull the poison out. You can see the poisons on the potato. It works, I swear.

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Well , im gonna try out this damn potato thing .. hopefully it will work.i have this huge boil or abscess on the corner of my left eye.... very painful and trying to get rid of it


please let me know if it is okay to do on an abscess on my buttocks. It is there for quite a long time now and is not getting ok. Please email me at and if possible



its wroks pretty good ass soon as i put da pottatoe the pain stopped its next day and it almost gone all da way gone


I'm gonna try this cause im tired of going to the hospital for them this is my third one and its too painful when they open it and drain it at the hospital so im trying thiss and i hope it works. cause its starting to get painful its on my buttocks.


This absolutely does not work, just makes it uncomfortable for the couple of hours that you have it on there.


I have been plagued for years with Cyst/boils and finally found a natural supplement that controls them 99% of the time. However, occasionally I tried using the potato with no response. This absolutely did not work for me!


ok i know that this one sounds crazy but i tried it and it does work. i will admitt walking around with a slice of potato taped to my butt didnt feel good but it worked.

school nurse

this seemed to work on a teen I saw with what looked to be a spider bite- 3' dark red spot on calf with 2 fang-marks in the center, seeping clear fluid. the 2 fang-marks were open so maybe that is necessary for the potato to draw out the poison but not sure. The red area was 3' diameter and the next day the red area was not any larger and the color had changed to very faint. the fang marks were still draining and appeared to have more puss trying to come out.


I am going to Try This I Am hopingit works causde it is on 7 Around My Buttocks & Other Area & Don't wanna go to hospital to painful


I have had one on my inner thigh closer down to my butt and its been extremly painful. I couldnt walk or do anything for myself. Last night I read this post and was willing to do anything. It worked!!!! I left it on overnight and when I woke up, it was draining. Not all of it drained out and I dont want to squeeze it as Ive heard that can make it worse, so I put another potato on it, maybe it finish pulling the rest out.

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