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The Oil Pulling technique is an Ayurvedic therapy has been in use in India for years and some even say, that by doing it daily, it improves immunity. I'm not sure on that, but I have had toothache issue. Well, first off, clove essential oil is very good for the pain. If you have some clove eo, just barely take a dab on tooth. Be careful though as you don't want to swallow it! I've been doing it good results for pain. Back to the oil pulling, I have just started that, so its still early. But it is supposed to greatly improve the health of teeth! I have noticed a difference, since I've been doing it! Buy some sesame oil or coconut oil. Some say coconut, while others say sesame. I even saw where someone posted on a forum that they used olive oil. Before you eat, about a half an hour, take a tablespoon of the oil, put it in your mouth and swish about 20 minutes(yes I know, kinda hard when your not used to it) But you can start out just doing 5 minutes a day and work up. I do believe it is helping my teeth and I am going to keep using it

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