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Hi all,

First, let me extend my empathy to any one dealing with this issue, as it is painful, embarrassing, and at times makes you feel hopeless.

I've dealt with recurrence 3 separate times within a 6 month span. Not to mention, the second two times I also had a yeast infection combined with the BV infection.

I've done some reading on recent studies done to determine initial causes, and cause for recurrence, and all point to the fact that doctors are still not sure. It can be caused by a change in your body's hormones, stress, sweat, sex partner's hygiene, anything really. All they can do is treat the symptoms as they occur.

I was prescribed Metronidazle the first time. I took only that and it came back two months later. The second time, i was prescribed the two-day dosage treatment of Tinidazole along with Diflucan for the yeast infection (fun times). The two-day knock out was not enough.

The THIRD time that both infections came back at once, I was determined to figure out a way to end the madness. I again was prescribed Metronidazle and was SURE to cut out all sugar, starch, yeast and alcohol from my diet. Some things that you would not suspect to have yeast ingredients do so read the package. I then followed up with the diflucan for yeast infection. The thing that has made the most difference is taking a different pro-biotic that the GYNO gave me samples of: Provella. I am telling you now, to make this your pro-biotic. It has 6 different strains of lactobacillus that promote healthy vaginal conditions. I was taking Pro-B probiotic before when all three infections occurred.

Also, garlic supplements (a natural antibiotic), Virgin Coconut Oil cold pressed supplements, Echinacea, and Women's One food-based multivitamin for women (contains all the essential vitamins for women's health, plus Lactobacillus Sporogenes, a women's nourishing blend of Don Quai, Red Clover, Organic Spirulina as well as a organic vegetable juice complex with kale, spinage Dandelion greens and beet.)

Separately, I have been taking vH Essentials homeopathic BV capsules that help reduce and prevent BV symptoms. It can be found in the pharmacy isles and is 100% homeopathic, so does not require a prescription but should still be checked if you have an allergy to any of the ingredients.

Also, I'd like to mention that I felt I needed to shower constantly, use feminine wipes and such, but doing so too frequently can at times make matters even worse.

The prescribed antibiotics act to kill of the bad bacteria which is absolutely needed and needed quickly. Provella words to promote healthy bacteria that your Vagina needs to thrive. Diet plays a huge part in combating whatever craziness your vagina is planning against you, and the supplements to wonders to maintain a healthy balance.

I know how insecure BV can make you feel about your body, but don't let yourself get to that kind of thinking! Having this (or these) infections can make you feel depressed, insecure, in a bad mood, uncomfortable and all around miserable. But remember, a woman's body is complex, and each one is different! Turn that distress into motivation towards finding out what works for you, and hang in there, its not forever!

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