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No more pain

Draining a boil

I have one on my inner thigh and finally found something that helps drain it.
Here are my steps:

1~ go to walgreens and purchase a product called BOIL EASE ointment($12~$15)
2~ take a hot shower letting the water hit the boil directly...I used vagisil ph balance for sensitive skin to clean infected area (the boil)
3~ thoroughly dry the area and cleaning it with peroxide using a cotton ball lightly against boil ( do not hold cotton ball with peroxide over the infected area as it will really hurt, I know because I did it almost brought me to tears.
4~ apply boil ease to infected area and cover it with gauze using medical tape to hold gauze in place.
Repeat these steps two to three times a day and you will be successful

Good luck

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Thank you so much, although it didn't initially help with the pain it did drain my boil super fast. For pain I used heat compressions using a heating pad and tea tree oil too. Thank you so much this helped.

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