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So I've found out I have Anal Warts on October last year. I felt it was unfair since I've never had sex without a condom, but after seeing people who never had anal sex getting anal warts... So my first wart got freezed by the doctor and it seemed to work flawlessly, it hurts a little bit but the next day its gone and the skin starts to heal. But they came back. I think the main reason that they started to appear was that I was having poor eating habits. So this is my scenario right now:

A big one, not inside, but in a very annoying place to put a bandaid or anything to hold ACV.

Annd this is how I'm attacking since yesterday:
A paper towel during the day to keep the area dry (as well as using the hair dryer after every shower).

A cotton ball with ACV for a few hours at night (if I get to place it perfectly)

Holding Q-tips soaked in ACV for 15-30 minutes, at night and in the morning.

My first day experience was that it got bigger and brighter. But what I noticed is that there are some small dark spots already. So I'll keep with this for a week and see what happens.

This website is amazing!

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So I tried the ACV on my three warts around my anus ... I didn't think it would work...
It worked.. However, I did it three times a day. I used a tissue covered in ACV. Cleaned the area ...
It stings a bit. ,... But it works. I use tee tree oil before bed...
They are just about gone... Thanks for the tips


I've had what I thought was a pimple near my anus for about a year. I've tried squeezing it and scraping off. These methods are HIGHLY not recommended. They leave a lingering pain and, if truly anal warts are present, could spread them. Then I heard about the possibility that it was an anal wart. So I searched the internet and found this site. I used ACV by applying some on several sheets of toilet paper in the morning and keeping the moist sheets on the pimple for the entire day. I worried about the burn, but there was none. At the end of the day, I prepared to take a shower and removed the sheets which were still moist but crumpled. I check for the pimple and it was gone. While checking, I felt skin wipe from where the pimple was. Upon examining it, it appeared to be dead skin the formed the wart. I will do some more applications, but the area that contained the wart is hard to locate now. That's how much is gone in one day. Tonight I will sleep with cornstarch applied and dry tissue kept in the area to keep it dry. I didn't expect such a quick result. After removing the dead wart skin, there is a bit of a burn.

Thanks for posting your remedies.


Where can I buy a bio oil or tee tree oil here in the philippines? pls. reply and as well as witch hazel?

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