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I know this sounds nasty, but i swear it works. When someone gets stung by a wasp,bee,or ect. Mix your saliva and tobbaco from a cigarette together and place a ball of it on the sting. It stops swelling and pain.

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Jacksonville Phil

Cigarette Tobacco soaked in spit works for bee stings. Try it next time you are stung by a bee. I've never tried it on a wasp sting.


This doesnt work, I had 15 stings on my back, my father did exactly this on one of the stings and it was the only one that got infected. Makes sense because cigarettes already have so many chemicals in them, then when mixed with your saliva which has all kinds of bacteria...leads to nothing but infection.


It does work, but chewing tobacco it much better, and using your own spit would probably be safer from infections, or just use a little water.

David J. Wilson

When I was a boy I got stung by a hornet on the side of the head.My father took some of his chewing tobacco and made me hold it over the sting.It worked great.I have used it many times since.I have also found jewelweed pulp to work well for stings,bug bites, and poison ivy,oak,or sumac.Thanks to my dad.


The same is if you use snuff. Grains of tobacco (snuff) is a remedy they use in Texas to drain out poison in snake bites or scorpian bites too. You are absolutely right. My fiance put his dip of snuff on my foot after I stepped on a bee and it really helps the swelling too.


15 bee stings does NOT require a home remedy it requires MEDICAL CARE, as in by a professional! I swear some people have NO SENSE, of course tobacco and water (you can also use water not just your spit) did not work for you.


I am allergic to wasps and hornets and every time i've ever gotten a bee sting (by either of those or some other kind) i've used this method along with benadryl and everytime but twice the combo of the 2 has kept me from having to go to the ER for a shot. i always recommend this to my friends for bee stings (and since i smoke i've always got cigs on me, just don't use menthols, they've always made it sting more for me)



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