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There are plenty of remedies on here that work. What works for you will mainly be determined by one of two things.. Do you have an exposed root or an infected tooth? What worked for me was improvising since I had none of the better remedies like vanilla or any other alcohol based extract. I am dealing with an exposed root and after scouring the house and almost chewing on a bee sting swab just to see if it would work, I noticed a bottle of Vicks Vapo Steam, Liquid Medication for Steam Vaporizers. A little bit of that on a Q-tip and I have gone from a 10 to a 0 on the pain scale and it has lasted for almost an hour now and while I know it will wear off I am good for now.

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My tooth is broken all the way to the gum can I use vices vapor rub let me know asap


Worked like a charm! Thank you!


I had a cracked tooth fixed with a very large filling close to the pulp. Was fine for awhile, just normal mild tooth pain after but approx. 10 days after the procedure I started to notice sensitivity to cold water then hot drinks then anything that I ate or drink. Ive been in increasing pain for 2 weeks now, (my dentist is at a school of dentistry and its summer most students are gone) I am not sure if I have nerve pain from an exposed nerve or if the tooth have cracked again or if my gums and mouth are infected. Ive been using Tylenol 3 and orajel, but now even these are not helping. Im a grown man, but the pain from my chin to my eyes are a 100 out of 10. The pain is uncontrollable and been crying for hours. I did try the collital silver spray on my teeth and gum and swished it around, then did a warm salt water swish, and they helped temper the pain, the BEST was the q-tip with Vicks vapour rub all over my teeth and gums and almost instantly the pain has gone to a mild 1 - 2 from 100. I'll get a good sleep tonight and do the same thing tomorrow til I can get into a dentist. I think the Vicks Vapour rub closes access to the exposed nerve and disinfects the area. PLEASE TRY IT!!!

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