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Dentists are there for a reason. A good maintenance programs and necessary treatments. Not all tooth problems require seeing the dentist first.

For abscess salt, either applied directly to the gum or in salt water wash will do wonders. The best thing is to catch the problem, early. Give the area a gentle brushing to loosen up any possible food stuck in the gum. I make strong salt water as I can stand and hold a sip at a time on my affected area for about 30 seconds and repeat every half hour. Motrin and tylenol keep inflammation down, as many have already said. My tooth was starting to hurt my ear when I woke up this morning. I began with the salt and Motrin. In about an hour, I was about 90% relieved. This is the second abscess I've had and both times, now, the salt works. I hope you all an find relief. Toothaches are the worse, for me.

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