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Rev. Fred

I've had TMJ for over 40 years. And at times I may wake up and my right side is clicking and cracking to the point that it just fires everything up including your anxiety over it. I have found that if you can lay back down on your left side, keeping your tongue against the roof of your mouth and just relax, sleep 1-2 hours, when you awake your jaw will have placed itself back...the trick is to relax. When anxiety is present in your life as it is in mine off and on, this will occur, you need to RELAX and put them both to sleep. The rest of the day just beware of it, yet stay relaxed. When you eat take small bites eat on side very lightly on the other. I've also found that when eating and watching TV you must at all costs turn your whole body in the direction of the TV, not just your head, that puts that jaw out of purportion and will either go out or start to crack, stiffen up whatever. As long as you are looking at the TV (and eating) have your whole body in line with your sight..sounds crazy but it has happen way too often with me to put it aside. Good luck and remember a little prayer along the way will help as well.

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thanks for this post. I also have anxiety and TMJ and its a viscous circle over and over . My ear is blocked from the tmj and then I get anxious which just makes it worse. Also have had this for about 30 years.


I have tmj and this is accurate

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