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Fool me never

Hey everyone. I was seriously glad that I was able to find this website about 2-3 months ago from this date, I too found myself in this sticky situation. I'm a 22 y/o bi male that stupidly had unprotected sex with a guy I barely knew back in August and what do you know?3 months later while taking a shower and washing my butt (as everyone should) I felt a pea like bump right around my anus. I dumbly thought it was just hemorrhoids, but a couple weeks went by and it had gotten bigger and other white head bumps appeared. I decided to do research and behold, I find out that I do indeed had anal warts.

Thanks to this website and other sites I've read, I was able to come up with my own concoction of remedies, and I don't think it would be fair to not share them as they've been rather very successful for me so far. Specially knowing how depressed and worried I felt about these things, I can put myself in your shoes. So here's what I did:

You need: Witch Hazel, Bio Oil, ACV, cotton balls, and NOT TO GIVE UP!

Essentially I had bought Witch Hazel when i thought I had hemorrhoids to wipe myself with after every bowel movement since the toilet paper would cause me to bleed. I continued using it through out the past three months EVERY TIME I would have a bowel movement (don't get lazy). I would just apply it to a tissue and lay it ontop of another tissue and wipe. It has 14% alcohol in it, so I figured it keeps down there clean after every using the toilet and it also helped from the warts not spreading.

I sometimes would even leave toilet paper or paper towels rolled up in there to make sure to keep the area DRY (dryness kills warts).

After doing this for about a month, it appeared that I did not have as much results BUT it does stop the warts from spreading which is the FIRST thing you should always worry about. But being a little discouraged, I decided that I would embark on the Apple Cider Vinegar journey, which I was very scared and doubtful about but at that point I was ready to try anything.

Let me tell you, the first time you do it, you will feel like your butt is on FIRE. Literally. But I told myself the stinging is good, it's doing it's job. I was smart enough to not leave the cotton ball between my cheeks for longer than 2 hours that first initial time because I hear it causes damage.
But the next time after that, my butt kind of got used to it so I was able to leave it on for a whole night. I've done a total of about 3 ACV cotton ball soaked over night treatments over the span of 2 weeks, meaning I didn't do it every night as I just wanted my body to relax and get used to it. IT WORKS, trust me, it really does.

The next thing that was EXTREMELY important is the Bio Oil. You can find it at any cvs for about $13. YOU NEED TO APPLY IT after your ACV treatments, it will make sure the skin around your anus does not discolor or that you don't have disgusting scars from the ACV. You can apply it as much as you want and whenever, just know the bottle is small and sort of expensive, but very worth it in the long run.

I've gone by this remedy for about 2 months straight now and today I looked and found ONLY two minuscule bumps around my anus (I had about 5). And they are flat and small and on their way out. I didn't experience the whole 'they turn black and fall right off' aspect, but I suppose while showering and bowel movements, they would break off piece by piece without my knowledge.

Understand that you are NOT alone, and should never be ashamed of something like this. Let this be a lesson for you to NEVER have unprotected sex with anyone you don't know that well, no matter how hot he/she is, seriously. I'm pretty sure I'm going to abstain from any sex for at least the next year, I'm almost traumatized lol.

TIPS: -ALWAYS WASH YOUR HANDS! WASH WASH WASH! specially after touching that area.
- WASH YOUR BUTT! I personally had two bar of soaps in my shower at all times, one for my general body and the other specifically for my butt.
-START EATING HEALTHY! Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. HPV is mainly a virus that attack your immune system, and if it's weak, it will not be able to fight the virus. Get healthy! I've even read that a healthy immune system typically rids the HPV virus completely after about 2 years just by being healthy and not having unprotected sex obviously.
-DON'T OVER DUE THE ACV! Your body will let you know how much it can handle, if the burning is too much...TAKE IT OUT! it's enough for that session.

If this remedy does not work for you, of course you must realize that not everyone's immune system is the same, and you may need to go see a doctor. But the main point is to also realize that no remedy fixes a problem in the matter of days, it doesn't work like that. You must pick one and STICK with it, and if MONTHS go by and nothing, then definitely see a doctor.

Be strong. The person that passed this horrible virus to you may not even know themselves, so rather than being angry, be proactive and NEVER make the same mistake ever again. Good luck and much love. :)

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Fool Me Never

I also wanted to add that after the first 3 initial cotton balls soaked in ACV over night treatments, I would sometimes just sit on the toilet and dip a q-tip in ACV and apply it directly onto the warts or just simply wiping with a soaked cotton ball. It doesn't sting as bad.

I did this of course in between the ACV overnight treatments JUST to be sure that I could get the best outcome possible.

Fool Me Never

Just wanted to give an update. It's been now almost 2 weeks since my initial post and I can today say that I am COMPLETELY anal warts free. LIKE COMPLETELY GONE! And I did not experience any of the holes left behind or discoloration. I will continue to use Witch Hazel for maybe the next month and will maybe do one more ACV treatment just to be on the safe side. Good luck everyone and stay positive! :)


Your post REALLY inspired me. I just started with the acv this Friday. I've been dealing with this for a little over a year, with a surgery to remove thm the first time, and a slight reoccurrence recently. I see ur update shows you are completely free. This gives me Hope b/c I was almost running out of it. How long did the process take for you start to finish? I'm just hoping to be free of this. I just have two, one small, one slightly bigger than the first. In the two days I've tried acv, I may b imagining, but I see a decrease in size. But the acv is PAINFUL! Lol. Is this typical? I just would like ur input and Stine reassurance that I can be free of these darn things. Again, thank U for sharing ur experience! Wish me luck! (p.s. the Bio Oil is heaven-sent after the acv. Lol)

Fool Me Never

MY WHOLE process took about 3 months in total, but with the ACV it was about a month and a half to two months give and take. The burning is typical, believe me lol but it get bearable after a while (it did for me). I can still say I'm completely warts free. Don't forget that I did not only do the ACV but also changed my diet, became more active and just kept up being clean. Again, no remedy is ever that easy in my opinion and it's how long you stick with it is truly what decides if it works. I'm really happy you were inspired by my post and that it gave you hope :) that was the main reason for sharing my experience. Remember to be careful with how much ACV you use and I'm glad you realized how great the Bio Oil is haha. Take care of yourself and hang in there!


As a TOTAL Bottom in the gay world, you can only imagine how devastating it was when I too noticed a bump just outside my anus. I've always have been safe with sex, knowing that I've had hemmroids and fissures previously allowing for easy access of and virus into my blood. I noticed this bump back in July of 2013 and feverishly searched online. Reading about surgery and healthy diet as the only means to rid the warts. Out of desperation I was douching with Listerine and peroxide as means to keep my hole disinfected and clean until I finally made the decision to tare the wart out of me. After many tearful jerks I ripped the root out (end of January 2014). Cleaned the area with peroxide and pampered the area with using topical treatments of cortisone creame and the active ingredient in polysporin to help heal. Now (april 2014) that I am fully healed, I notice much smaller bumps (about 3 or 4) that have been lingering so I will try this ACV and bio oil to help heal the rest. Thank you for posting this, I refuse to let a doctor 'freeze/burn' something out of me especially when I've changed my diet (over the past 3 months) and have seen a great change in the healing of these warts. I will post an update after about a month of treatment. But I believe nothing hurts worst than listerine. :p


Hey Fool me not, how many times a day or week would you do the ACV treatments? And have you had any breakouts since you said you were wart free? I am scared and I think I'm ready to try this ACV thing


*Fool Me Never

Fool me never

Hey! sorry for taking so long to come back and post an update!

First to answer Ash: I did my treatment about once a night for maybe 4-5 hours (as much as your body can take) or would even sleep with it in there the whole night. I would do this in the span of two weeks about 3-4 times a week that first week, and the second I only did it like probably once or twice because I had started to clear up already, then they were gone. I have had a little breakout I guess you can say but it was small and I handled it with literally one/two session. I have let go a little bit on my diet and stuff due to stress so it made sense to me.

Anyways, keep applying it as much as you can and USE the bio oil. Till this day I'm glad i bought it because it truly is a life saver lol.

And you're welcome to whomever said thanks for me posting this, it's just fair to help one and another out when it can be embarrassing :) Would love to hear some more updates or new stories from you guys so post in here and I will come back to give updates myself. Thanks for reading and keep being safe

A for anonymous

Hello there! First, thank you for sharing your experience with us it's really inspiring and made me feel less worried about me having anal warts. But I'm still scared to try the ACV though all the stories are very convincing. I want to hear again from you, how was it? Is it completely gone?

RC Cola

Hey not sure if you guys are still reading this, but I have started the ACV treatment this week and so far, so good. The appearance and color of that area is extremely important to me, so I am curious about the Bio Oil treatment and application. It seems counter-productive to apply it, since every post indicates that the area must be kept as dry as possible.

Do you only use the Bio Oil after the ACV treatments and for how long?
Does the Bio Oil actually help 'feed' the warts themselves?

Thanks so much guys. You have given me hope to resolve this thing!!!

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