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I have had Psoriasis for 8 years now. The only thing that worked for me is a cream called Daivonex. It is not a cure sadly, I did not believe it at first because I was so skeptical of miracles but after I believe 6 weeks of applying this cream it went away for about 3 years and then I got it again. I had got this cream in Vietnam because the FDA wouldn't approve the cream. I did find a website who was willing to let me order it. Its worth a little over $100 but I promise it works. You apply it 3 times a day and you will notice it going away. Here is the website that I bought it from, I recommend buying the ointment because it is mostly oil over water. And if you live in the US expect about a month to receive it.

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If you look on my page on Facebook its called a-list-beauty the profile picture is a womans teeth and the cover photo is an aloe vera plant. On the page is a link to my online shop I sell some amazing products my aloe vera gel is amazing at clearing up psoriasis not allowed to post the link on here sorry x


There are too many Daivonex types and prices. Which one you are using? Thanks

Elaine (NWPA)

I ordered my 100gram tube of Daivonex ointment from Ordered it 2/14 from New Zealand arrived to PA 2/24. Cost >$100 US. Have noticed a HUGE improvement in the three days I have been using it on my scalp psoriasis. Am also taking Vitamin D3 (4000 units) daily. I am hoping this will finally tamp it down, because as you know, many of these treatments will seem to work INITIALLY and then ultimately fail. Fingers crossed


Thanks for your involvement Elaine (NWPA. I know some product work liked a charm at first week then ... it get back to the same status at the begining. Also, this is vary on different people; not all the same. Good luck.


I have been using Dovenex cream for body and dovobet get for scalp. These are very good and are available by prescription.

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