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HAD to share, because I am currently dealing with this infection. It has been terrible, definitely was getting worse.
I foud major relief and here is what worked! :

I already had 100% virgin coconut oil. Went to Walmart got tea tree oil and acidophilus pills. Started taking the pills orally, no relief. I did a tea tree oil and coconut oil douche (soothing) however, still the nasty discharge. I did some research online.....decided to put the acidophilis pill up my vajayjay overnight with a tampon. THIS MORNING no discharge or smell!!!!
(AND TRUST ME, I smelled that tampon and there was no discharge in it)
So, my conclusion is the tea tree oil/coconut oil killed the bad bacteria. THEN, the acidophilus pill reintroduced the new good bacteria. I plan to insert the next 3 days.

The acidophilus pills I bought are the CHEAP $4.95 Nature's Valley ones at Walmart!! They are to be taken orally for your digestion, but upon reading the label says it has Lacto-acidophilus whatever which is the same name seen on my plain yogurt. It works!

I mixed the 100% virgin coconut oil with the tea tree, so it could be the carrier oil, I figured coconut oil is SAFE for the vagina, because it is a KNOW natural lube for sex.

Good Luck I hope this works for you ladies!! It sure worked for me, I saved a ton going to the doctor. I am not about to get tested and treated, when Ive had this 3 times over the years and I know what it looks and smells like. They will give me Flagyl scrip and charge me for IT ALL. :-/ Nope. Not this time!!!

I plan to eat more yogurt going forward, vitamins, etc. I eat well already,my immune sys. was lowered due to a cold I caught.

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Hi, Bella!
What ratio tea tree oil to coco oil did u mix?


Thanks I'm going to try this. I been suffering from this horrible BC. For 6years....


How would I insert the pill and did u make your own douch

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