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Rubbing alcohol + Q-tip directly on hole and around gums. Did it a few months ago I ben str8 ever since

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Omg I'm at work miserable, just saw this and did it and it worked!!! Thank u!!!


Thank you very much. My friend was in so much suffering until i found your remedy He got instant pain relief.


This really works just did it i feel better.. Thanks so much..


Omg it works ........


Tasted awful but worked. THANK YOU!!
The bad taste was worth the relief!!


Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I was at the bottom of my rope, day 2 with a very intense & non-stop molar pain. It triggered a migrane, I honestly tried to even pull it myself. I can't afford a dentist right now. I just didn't know how I would survive another minute! A second into the Q~Tip touching the hole n gums, I swear to you the pain is gone and even the headache is leaving. Thank you for taking the time and sharing this post. The best of all to you and ur loved ones!!


Omg it worked!!!!! I was in severe pain. I was literaly taking 3 pills at a time nothing. Then my grandmother gave me pain pills with codine also nothing I tried everything. I finally came across your post, said what the hell lets try it as soon as I rubbed the alcohol instant relieve thank u so much


Ok so no sleep in 3 nights, garlic was working for a couple weeks but stopped working a few days ago, tried clove oil which temporarily helps but not for long, vanilla extract worked temporarily, and so did having a cough drop....I have a molar that the filling came out of, tried the rubbing alcohol and so far so good, hoping this one lasts long, I'm so tired of this


Thank u man I wasn't getting no relief fast but tried this instant relief thank u

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