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Melt 1 starlight mint into 1 bottle of hot water and add sugar if needed. (usually no sugar is needed) By the time the mint has melted (not necessarily all the way), it is cool enough to feed to baby. I used this on all 3 of my colicky kids! IT WORKS!!!

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i did this with my daughter.. It worked miraculously


this is a mathod that i have tried for years,passed down by the famili as a good home remedie for COLIC pain in BABIES and ADULTS, personally it works so it does for babies:

In a cup of water put 4 leafs of fresh mint or spermint, bring it up to a boil eather by stouve or microwave add a lil sugar,let it cool down an drink it as regular tea, and I PROMISE, IT WORKS!!!!!


is your baby fussy up at night and cant sleep? A natural way to put your baby to SLEEP is: to give them a warm bath, putting in the watter some lettuce (iceburge) let it sit for a few minutes and bathe them just like any other bath they will be sound to sleep,there is somthing in the lettuce that relaxes them and helps them to sleep better.


I have two daughters who are now 12 and 14 years old. 'onion tea' works for some infants. Boil the onion in about two cups of water, let cool, and give to your baby.

However, this doesn't work for all babies.
Another option is 'mint Water' made with starlite ments and water. I wouldn't recommend adding sugar. The mint has some sugar already,and too much sugar can make the problem worse.

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